Pat & Kaiman Rasa Ria Garden Wedding

We all know how distance makes the heart fonder, but in the case of Pat and Kaiman, distance makes this wedding grander! Pat and Kaiman originates from Hong Kong, works and settled at Gibraltar and decided to have their wedding at the beautiful Shangri La Rasa Ria, Kota Kinabalu.

The travelling is most definitely well worth it looking at how Pat and Kaiman was beaming with smiles, soaked in the fun, laugher and well wishers of family and friends who travelled from all over the world to celebrate their love!

Fly With Us

Our drones have cruised the skies for islands environments, weddings, constructions sites, corporate functions & resort filming at the Magellan Sutera Resort, Sutera Harbour Dive Resort, Sutera VIP residents, Tungku Abdul Rahman Park and Sabah State Mosque, just to name a few. If you’re looking for ‘that shot’and want something for yourself or other people to remember you by, going ‘aerial’is definitely the way to go.

Lighter than air and super smooth, our drones could also be the solution for filming in the natural environment (where it may be too hostile or dangerous for a person to go), or over huge crowds in urban environments. Our drones can also help to bring out the details of buildings where the human eye cannot reach.

Whether you’re looking to get that spectacular shot of your personal or business property, perhaps a bird’s eye view of the successful turn up at your company event, an aerial report or survey for that site that your boss was talking about, or even the few hundred guests that attended your wedding – all you have to do is contact us with your idea and we’ll do our very best to cater to your needs.

Fly With Us! Lets the bird do the talking.

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Blend of East Meet West

“Thank you for marrying me.”
These are the five most beautiful words that I have ever heard at a wedding.
Dressed in a soft, white, puffy wedding gown and looking boyishly smart in a casual shirt & white pants, Fiona & Claude exuded blessed happiness when they celebrated their big day with friends & family at the Pacific Sutera Harbour Resort in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

A perfect example of East meets West, and set in a theme of shades of purple & white, the beautiful Asian bride & her handsome prince danced and be merry with all guests, ranging from young to old. There was a buffet mix of local & western delights (which looked yummy, by the way), and the atmosphere undeniably light & fun, with some guests (and the groom himself) playfully engaging in a champagne shower on this joyous occasion.

Dr Phebe & Dr Thompson SDE

Once again congratulations to both our couple Dr Phebe & Dr Thomson who had their church ceremony at Christ Church Likas. I’ve never seen so many young doctor under one roof during their reception at 1Borneo.

Silviana & Amirul Akad Nikah Ceremony

There is a first in everything, for us, Silviana & Amirul was our fist wedding arial shoot couple and we cannot be happier to have such a loving and faithful couple to be “our first”. It was also the first wedding ariel shoot being done at Pacific Sutera. When Silviana saw our ‘Now We Can Fly” video of ariel shoot at Magellan thats her respond ” I want it!! Let me be the first one!”. They were both very excited about the shoot and even though it was quite windy on their big day, the shoot went smoothly with Silviana looking at her best and Amirul, the happiest man he has ever been. Clink on the video to watch the arial view of their big day at the beautiful Sutera Harbour Resort

Sabah State Mosque Nikah Wedding

If i could rise above the rest so that i could see better than the rest, if i could take a moment and be clearer than i ever had and soar above all, i would, i did and my world changed.
Anwar and Hafizah, thank you for flying with us and giving us the honour of filming our first Sulug wedding, filled with rich color, graceful dancing and wonderful people.
Congratulation to you both.


Wedding Compilation

Our wedding film compilation at Sutera Harbour is featured at Sutera Harbour’s blog and their Facebook page. Thanks to Charming Wedding staffs and management for their support!

Please click on Sutera Harbour site or go to our Facebook page to read the blog.

Now We Can Fly!

In our line of service, we are constantly venture into new gears and ideas to give our client a better service. Here is just one sample of flying a RC helicopter to reach new heights in our cinematography to give a new perspective for our wedding and events film.

Welcome to the Club Rica & Leonard

Welcome to the club! That’s what I wished Leonard few days before his wedding. Leonard has been my drinking buddy for years. When he asked us to film his wedding I say “No” because I want to be the ‘heng tai’ and witness his wedding rather than filming it behind the camera. So I arranged my team to film his wedding. But when the day came I couldn’t resist filming it myself. Not only will this be the only chance to film a groom that is one of my best friend but it is also the only chance I can ask or direct him to do something and he has to follow my instruction. It was so much fun filming their wedding. Leonard is natural but camera shy at the same time while Rica was an absolute diva and the camera just love her. Both of them were such good sports and pulled all their stunts and poses , making their wedding day a truly funky and happening one. Everyone had fun from fetching the bride to the church ceremony to the reception. How do you know it was a great wedding? When the DJ was not allowed to stop playing!
By the way Leonard is a musician from a band called 6ixband and Rica is a Dj.

One again I want to wish them both all the best to their marriage life and welcome to the club!