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A Journey much Sought after but a Road Less Traveled

I would very much like to start off this blog with a picture perfect. But I am far from it. Having soaked in what the Chinese would call it “salt water” I moved out from the diving industry after 10 years, to venture into another passion I found, videography.

Myself, like many others were inspired on many occasions by moving images of powerful emotions. Having had the opportunity to pick up underwater filming whist employed by Scubazoo, making leisure dive videos, I felt even stronger about filming and videography. To a lay person, making of a video may look straight forward. But once you tried making one yourself, you will quickly find that a lot of thoughts goes into many different aspects of making a good video, from the story board, to getting the right effect, to framing the scenes, to music, to bringing across the emotions, to special effects so on and so forth. It is truly artistic as much as it is technical.

This is one of the many leisure dive videos I filmed and edited. This is considered the infancy of my interest in filming. Please note that the copyright of this video belongs strictly to Scubazoo.

Another Fishy Day At Barracuda Point from DeeBee on Vimeo.

I have since moved onto filming on land for the time being, exploring a new venture in mainly wedding videography. Together with my team of friends sharing the same passion and enthusiasm, I embarked on a journey which I am almost a total stranger to but feels strongly about, I started DeeBee Studio.

Since the beginning of my journey, I have filmed and learnt along the way. I hope you will visit this blog often to walk with me through my journey of making people’s dream a reality through DeeBee Studio. This is a video I like a lot since the beginning of my journey and do feel free to leave your comments. This is the wedding of Calvin & Eve, a couple whom I can tell is very mellow in their style but very loving and strong together. They had a very cosy and beautiful wedding reception at Shangri-La’s in February this year and for the first time, love was literately in the air. Watch the video and you will know what I am talking about.

Apart from filming, DeeBee Studio is also a photography hub in that we have a team of friends who took up photography purely out of zest and is not just professional in their photography services but also very personal and passionate.

We will be updating on the works and lives of our team and friends at DeeBee Studio from time to time and whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you will always find something of interest to you here, be it, videography, photography, art, music or life. DeeBee Studio will be “Dee Place To Bee” where people showcase their talents and making their dreams comes true.

Welcome to my journey

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