Love Is In the Air | Jeremy Chin & Jaime Chia

The story of Jeremy and Jaime is aptly described by his uncle Christopher, during their cosy wedding who said: “One thing special about Jeremy is he is always friendly, always with a smile, always very good natured and it’s very difficult to get angry with someone who is always smiling. Jaime is a very dedicated, delicate girl and very focus in what she does. Both of them fell in love in the ocean while sailing.”

I met Jeremy during my time with Scubazoo. He has helped me in many different ways from sending medicine and supplies to me on the island while I was sick to reloading my phone card. It was an honour for me to film his big day along side with Jason Isley who was the photographer.

It was very touching to see Jaime shedding tears of joy when she and Jeremy exchanged vows.

Do check out the reception video where the newly wed dressed up in traditional Kadazan costume at their dinner reception featuring Scubazoo in “Sayang Kinabalu”.


Venue : Stella Maris Church &  Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu
Photographer : Jason Isley, Scubazoo
Videographer : Church-Andy Chia, Reception- Chris Tan
Editor : DeeBee Studio – Andy Chia


  • Jeremy & Jaime 20 Aug

    Hi DEEBEE :-)

    How are you? Hope to find you both well. Thanks for everything. We love the video & everyone loves it so much. You done a great job & eep up the good work. Will spread the good news & looking forward to see you both again.

    Take care & cheers

    With Loves :-)

  • Andy 22 Aug

    You are most welcome Jeremy and Jaime. You know we are also learning sailing from your uncle Christopher, its so much fun!!! Wish you guys happily together forever.

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