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Lorreta + Forrest (SDE)- Same Day Edit Video

It was quite a day. The sky started out gloomy, followed by rain pour. Despite the bad weather, Forrest and Loretta kept their spirits up and ended up having a very warm and cozy church wedding ceremony joined by family and close friends.
They exchanged their vows at the chapel of Sacred Heart Cathedral. It was quite an intimate union of 2 families, from church decorations, right down to the choir, all was orchestrated by family members.
You see the excitement in both Forrest and Loretta, almost to a point where everything seems surreal that they are about to tie the knot as they gaze at each other throughout the ceremony.

We had a challenging start due to bad weather, but in the end the shoot turned out lovely. Please sit back and enjoy a glimpse of true love in the making.


Church : Sacred Heart Cathedral

Photographers : Fishy & Charles Liew

Videographer & Editor : Andy Chia

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