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Ronnie + Farah’s Wedding Highlight

This has to be one of my favorite wedding of the year. To start off, the Bride and Groom, Farah and Ronnie are no doubt two very beautiful people making a dashing couple. They had their wedding vows exchanged at a quaint little church in Kinarut – St. Paul Chapel. The newly built chapel maintained the traditional Catholic Church’s magnificent stained glass windows. It was truly charming seeing all the pretty bridesmaid in their drop-dead-gorgeous dresses walking down the aisle before Farah walked down the aisle with her father.looking ever so dazzling.
Before their church ceremony, Ronnie had gone to Farah’s place and fetch her the traditional Chinese way. The “Heng Dai” had a pink bow-tie theme adding some tenderness to the very macho and boisterous troupe. Ronnie was in his ever comical and sporting self, with the encouragement from his Heng Dai, the game session was not just funny, it was also a reflection of how badly Ronnie wanted to fetch his Bride.

Ronnie is our “jaga”. He was the one we looked to when DeeBee Studio wanted to install an alarm system. There has been no break ins so far (touch wood), must be the good alarm system, or perhaps it is just not worth the while breaking into a four wall studio? Whatever it is, he sure made us feel safe. HA!

In passing, we also want to mention our meeting with KokWei and Chen from Mr & Mrs 2. To be honest, we hardly felt their presence during our shoot. They are what we call the “photoninjars” – they shoot quietly and un-intrusively, then the next thing, you see and experience for yourself, the impressive and amazing moments they had quietly captured. Much to learn from, for us.

We all had fun shooting, filming, attending and witnessing this wonderful wedding!


Church : St. Paul Chapel, Kinarut, Kota Kianablu

Photographer : Mr & Mrs2

Florist : Floristeria My

Videographer : Andy Chia

Editor : Andy Chia

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