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Majlis Nikah Ernie & Zul

Ernie was introduced to us by Amy Yong from Charming Weddings Pacific Sutera. When I spoke to her on the phone she sounded very friendly over then phone. When I finally met her at her office, she turned out to be exactly how I imagine -friendly, down to earth, open to ideas and sweet. Her equally nice fiance make them a perfect match. Base purely on Amy’s good recommendation she took a leap of faith and appointed us as their videographer on their engagement ceremony, akad nikah, adat berinai and the bersanding ceremony. Juts to put her dad’s mind at ease she set up a meeting for us to meet to showcase our portfolio. We were so glad dad her parents approved of our work.
We had a blasted filming the akad nikah and sanding ceremony where all the sweet, touching, romantic, fun moment were captured.

It was the grandest wedding reception we ever filmed where about 900 guest attended the wedding at Magellan Grand Ballroom. Guest attended from all over the world. We hope our team has captured the grandeur of this beautiful wedding through our highlight.

Photographer : Jofanna Bridal
Reception Venue : Magellan Grand Ballroom
Wedding Planner :Charming Weddings

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