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Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort Garden Wedding

Jonathan and Hui Xin wedding day truly proves that Murphy’s law does apply and in their case, what can go wrong did go wrong. They had a beautiful romantic garden wedding in mind but the weather disagrees. gloomy clouds gathered as the hour drew closer to their ceremony. The wind picked up more and more and then, a big down pour came, washing away all hopes of an out door wedding. Before you think this wedding video post is getting a little too depressing, our charming groom delivered the most touching speech and turn what seemed like a really crappy day into one filled with love, hope and joy. He said this to his beautiful bride “Today many would have thought we are quite unfortunate because we cannot have our wedding in the garden but I would say I’m fortunate because i have you with me for the rest of my live, I Love You!” Awwww, can you beat that?

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