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Welcome to the Club Rica & Leonard

Welcome to the club! That’s what I wished Leonard few days before his wedding. Leonard has been my drinking buddy for years. When he asked us to film his wedding I say “No” because I want to be the ‘heng tai’ and witness his wedding rather than filming it behind the camera. So I arranged my team to film his wedding. But when the day came I couldn’t resist filming it myself. Not only will this be the only chance to film a groom that is one of my best friend but it is also the only chance I can ask or direct him to do something and he has to follow my instruction. It was so much fun filming their wedding. Leonard is natural but camera shy at the same time while Rica was an absolute diva and the camera just love her. Both of them were such good sports and pulled all their stunts and poses , making their wedding day a truly funky and happening one. Everyone had fun from fetching the bride to the church ceremony to the reception. How do you know it was a great wedding? When the DJ was not allowed to stop playing!
By the way Leonard is a musician from a band called 6ixband and Rica is a Dj.

One again I want to wish them both all the best to their marriage life and welcome to the club!

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