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Miss Scuba International Highlight

Deep Down Beautiful

80% of the Earth is ocean and yet most of us would not have that many chance to see even 1% of that great vastness. Little do most of us realize that we are all closely connected to the Ocean, whether you live near the sea or not.
Our resources, food, medicine and even the air we breath in, comes from the Ocean. Yet there are so little we know about it, so much so that a lot of us take for granted that the Ocean will last forever. The truth is far from that. The Ocean continues to be polluted and its resources overused by human kind. Only with proper education and publicity to raise awareness can we help to teach people about the importance of protecting our beautiful Ocean.
Miss Scuba International is doing exactly that. Running in it’s 4th ?? year, MSI has brought beautiful people from around the World together for one good, that is to raise awareness of the importance of marine conservation. Through the promotion of Scuba Diving, contestants are able to experience first hand and see for themselves a totally different world underwater. As ambassador of the Ocean, they can then share and spread their experience with others, all around the World.
This is MSI 2013 filed on land and underwater, capturing true beauty of the contestants inside and out. We at DeeBee Studio is proud to be a playing a part in conservation related events! We have only one Earth, love it or lose it.

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