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This video is about Jelaine & Ken 2 Vimeo

Happy Fathers Day

Most Asian families would share the same sentiments about their father – strict, stubborn and forbearing. Many of us find our daddy unapproachable as emotionally most Asian Dads keep to themselves. The truth is far from how it appears.
Almost always we find the father of the bride most moved by the giving away of their daughter. The hug before she changes her surname for good, the kiss before he puts on her veil. We often wonder what goes through the mind of the father as he holds his daughter’s walking her down the aisle. Likewise what goes through the mind of a father as his son takes a wife and the responsibility of a family?
During our recent shot of Jelaine and Ken’s wedding, we were so moved to her dad in such emotional yet jovial spirit. Jelaine expressed her thanks and love to her daddy in a few words but moved us all.
We wish all daddies “Happy Fathers’ Day!” we know you are strict because in your heart you know the family needs a rock to rely on. I love you dad!

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