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The Malaysian Sailing Team

The Dream Team

A lot seems impossible until it is done. Often we underestimate how much we could accomplish if only we set our mind to it and put in 100% to pursue our goal. We really only live once, we are only young once, what is more important then having a dream and taking real steps and hard work to achieve it. Rufina Tan and Connie Tsen is not your average young ladies, it matters not to them that their skin are constantly burnt, it matters not their body is bruised, it only matters to them whether they are getting closer to their goal – qualifying for the Olympics 2016 in Rio! Yes, they are dreaming big and making great sacrifices to get there!
We at DeeBee are humbled and honoured to be able to contribute in small ways to help them get closer to their Olympic dream. We hope that through this short video, they can get the funding and sponsorship that they so deserve.
All fundings and sponsorships are made public and properly accounted for so that you know the costs of their coaching, travel expenses to regattas, replacing parts for their 49er FX sailboat, etc.

We are so proud of our home grown 49er FX Sailing team! you go girls!

Check them out on Facebook search for Rufina&Connie 49er FX Malaysian Sailing Team

Music : AJ. Lamb/Tony Anderson

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