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Wedding at Miri, Sarawak SDE

Love overcomes all borders and distances. Azam is from KK while Syahrizza is from Miri, yet, their love for each other closes all distances and gaps between them. As they declare their love and commitment to each other, we at DeeBee is proud to film their big day at Miri and also another banquet at […]
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Bryan & Tasha Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Beach Wedding

Do you believe in fairy tales? Bryan & Tasha is living one! it all started when they were only 11 – Bryan found his princess Tasha at a family retreat camp, they return home holding hands and never parted at hearts since then. Despite the passing of time and tests of events, the two little […]
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Jerry & Sheryl Pacific Sutera Garden Wedding

Ladies, watch this video to find out the foolproof declaration of love a man can give to his wife, with all the legal jargons and catch-all clause by a lawyer! then again, we know Sheryl has no need for those words, because Jerry’s tears and most sincere love for her is there for all to […]
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Ronnie + Farah’s Wedding Highlight

This has to be one of my favorite wedding of the year. To start off, the Bride and Groom, Farah and Ronnie are no doubt two very beautiful people making a dashing couple. They had their wedding vows exchanged at a quaint little church in Kinarut – St. Paul Chapel. The newly built chapel maintained […]
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Over The Rainbow- Forrest + Loretta

Its all about subtleness, mellowness and quirkiness. We admire every bit of Loretta’s and Forrest’s classic old fashion style, not only in their dress sense but also in their ways. Their love for each other streams calmly from every glance of their eyes and through small gestures they show to each other. This pre wedding […]

Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort,Sabah | Wedding Highlights Video | Jimmy & Kay

Jimmy and Kay had perhaps the most diversified yet harmonious wedding I’ve filmed so far. Jim is a diehard Sabahan, Kay is from Penang, they both met in Kuala Lumpur. Kay’s beautiful “Kua” bought from Hong Kong while their wedding bands are from none other than the famous Tiffany & Co, USA. They have their […]
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A Journey much Sought after but a Road Less Traveled

I would very much like to start off this blog with a picture perfect. But I am far from it. Having soaked in what the Chinese would call it “salt water” I moved out from the diving industry after 10 years, to venture into another passion I found, videography. Myself, like many others were inspired […]